Chemical products


Good practices

Basic prevention rules for handling and storing chemical products are essential for safe laboratory work.

Typology and risks

It is important to know how to identify the chemical products so as to know the most common risks and their toxicological effects.

Safesty Label and Sheet

The labels and safety data sheets are the quickest and most reliable resource to obtain important information about the chemical products that you handle. Pay attention to them.

Storage and Incompatibilities

In the laboratories there is a wide variety of chemical products that need to be stored. It is essential to have the technical criteria to do this.

Protective Equipment

The use of personal and collective protective equipment allows you to minimize the consequences of working with chemical contaminants, on placing a protective barrier between you and the product.


Emergency situations

In the event of an emergency in the laboratory you must know how to act and the different means to be able to control any undesired situation quickly and effectively.

Work with acrylamide

It is essential that you are aware of the risk represented by handling this product and that you take the necessary measures. The consequences of exposure to acrylamide are very serious.

Work with the ethidium bromide

It is essential that you know the risk involved in handling this product in order to take the necessary measures. The consequences of exposure to ethidium bromide are very serious.